The one that didn't get away...


My great grandfather, Francis William Whitney Doane, was an avid fly fisherman during the 1920's. He was also a civil engineer and very meticulous about keeping records. 

One of his treasures that has been passed through the generations and is now in my possession is his fly wallet. It is packed to overflowing with carefully documented, feather fishing flies along with bits of line and other various small items of fishing hardware. It also contains detailed records of several fishing trips, including conditions, what the fish were biting on, how best to cast one's line and even detailed grocery and equipment lists, broken down into the cost per person!

I have had this wallet and it's contents swimming around in the back of my mind for quite a while as a future still life subject and finally got going on it today. After about 80 photos in various settings, dispositions and lighting I have at last settled on a composition and can now get down to work!

I'll post a teaser image at a later date!

Fly wallet
Grocery list
Weight:  0