From start to finish...


Since January I have been painting with the group "Crossroad Artists", a wonderfully dynamic group of artists from the St. Margaret's Bay area. My involvement in this group has finally got the creative fire burning under me once again and I am happy to say that I am back painting regularly. Yeah!

I thought that a good way of getting myself into the habit of writing on this blog would be to post the progress of my current piece.

During our trip to Barbados last February we visited Hunte's Garden, the beautiful and lush botanical creation of horticulturist Anthony Hunte. ( Aside from the innumerable varieties of plant life there are several little buildings where the growth from outside seems to take over the inside. A little corner inside one of those buildings was the inspiration for my current piece, as yet unnamed...

The images below show the progress to date. Not much left to finish...


Image 1: The drawing is on the watercolour paper, ready to begin.

Image 2: I've isolated the green spaces with a bit of masking tape. I have applied masking fluid to some of the leaves that I want to keep bright and white, as well as the wire grill work. I then applied a wet background for the green bits.

Image 3: I did some negative work on the green space to give the effect of thick growth. I have laid down a base wash for the concrete walls.

Image 4: The texture on the walls is finished and I have started the work on the pottery jugs.


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